Corporate Communication


To inform and educate the employees, consumer, general public about the corporate objectives and programs of the company. To instill general awareness on safety, energy conservation, lawful use of electricity, service standards, right of consumers and benefits of reforms in power sector.
To highlight the problems of company relating to theft of power, nonpayment of bills.
To identify the criticism regarding our services reported in the media and also gathered from community/ opinion leaders and consumers.
To establish effective communication link through various in-house communication methods so as to create a sense of pride and loyalty among employees.
Correct feedback to the management about consumer reactions and grievances.

Publish in-house magazine- Vidyut Dhara
Organize regular consumer interaction programs(Consumer Meets)
Organize Bijuli Adalats and consumer camps for speedy resolution of consumer disputes.
Formed village committees for community participation in electricity management in rural areas.
Organize seminars and workshops on safety and on the job safety training to employees.
Brain storming sessions in regular intervals for sharing of thoughts and exchange of views among employees.
Developmental communication through print and electronic media.
Consumer awareness campaign through cultural media.(Street Play)
Formed circle-level Nodal Committees to monitor and review consumer service standards.
Institutional /display advertisements in press.